Lockfast® Threadlockers

Lockfast® Threadlockers are high performance anaerobic thread locking adhesives that are suitable for all standard threaded fasteners. Protects against corrosion, thermal expansion and loosening from vibration and shock.

Lockfast® anaerobic thread locking adhesives replace the need to hold several types of traditional fasteners. For example, lock washers, split pins, and nylon lock nuts. Because of this it is less expensive to hold a few grades of anaerobic adhesives. Only a few drops needed per application (depending on thread size).

Anaerobic adhesives are clean and easy to use, because they cure in joint. Fills gaps between mating threads, this will prevent corrosion, leaking and loosening caused by vibration, shock, and thermal expansion. Most products are fluorescent under UV light for identification.

The product range contains options for the user, which are dependant on substrate and application. For example, SCREWLOCK is a low strength product disassembly possible with hand tools. Suits weaker metals to prevent substrate failure. NUTLOCK are medium strength products. STUDLOCK are high strength products, this is because they have a higher prevailing torque over breakaway strength. Products are colour coded so as to identify strength at a glance. Green, or red typically represents higher strength products. Blue medium or medium to high strength, and purple low strength.

Important information on breakaway strength, prevailing torque, is documented alongside further information about each product in the technical information sheet here.

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See our conversion chart for Lockfast alternatives of other brands of engineering adhesives such as Loctite, Bondloc, Delta adhesives and Truloc.

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