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Lockfast Engineering Adhesives offer outstanding performance across a wide range of applications.

The Lockfast Engineering Adhesives Range

Anaerobic Engineering Adhesives


The range includes high quality anaerobic adhesives.

Our UK manufactured selection of anaerobic adhesives, threadlockers, and sealants are engineered to rival or surpass similar products offered by Loctite. Lockfast® adhesives has been a trusted brand, that has supplied engineers with reliable products since 1993.  The Lockfast® range feature product codes that mirror those of Loctite®, simplifying the selection process for our customers. For instance, our T42 nut locking adhesive corresponds to Loctite 242 Threadlocker.

The Lockfast engineering adhesives comprehensive product line includes thread lockers such as, screwlock, nutlock and studlock. As well as retaining compounds, bearing fit adhesives, and bonding solutions for other close fitting metal cylindrical parts, metal threaded pipe sealants for pneumatic and hydraulic line connectors. Also in the range we supply gasketing products also known as instant-gaskets, flange sealants, form-in-place gaskets and gasket makers.

Other Engineering Adhesives, Silicones and Glues


Also available are Lockfast acrylic structural adhesives, semi-ridged, and ridged PU adhesives, PVA wood adhesives, epoxy repair sticks, clear epoxy resins, RTV silicones and an MS polymer construction adhesive.

Browse through the Lockfast engineering adhesive range below, or feel free to contact our team for further advice. Alternatively, see our Lockfast product guide for an overview of each product.

If you do require expert assistance and guidance, then please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of glue experts are ready to assess your project needs, provide tailored recommendations, and suggest bonding solutions to enhance your manufacturing processes and reduce costs.

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