Procure Cyanoacrylate Products

The Procure cyanoacrylate adhesives range are formulated for their surface insensitive properties which means they will bond almost any substrate to each other and themselves. Each product in each category offer their own features and benefits.

The High Performance range offers faster cure speeds on a range of materials. The Low Odour range offers low odour and low bloom benefits. The Multi Purpose range offers a diverse range of viscosities for bonding a wide range of materials. The Rubber Toughened range offers improved adhesion in higher temperatures, flexibility, peel and impact resistance. The Gels are ideal for their gap fill and vertical application capabilities. Support Products include Cyanoacrylate Activators, Primer and Debonder.

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Explore the Procure cyanoacrylate products, in the range below for a more in-depth look at each product, including downloadable Technical Information with typical guidance for each product and the Safety Datasheet for health and safety guidance. Alternatively for a quick overview of each product in the complete Procure range please see our Procure Product Guide.

See our conversion chart for Procure alternatives of other brands of cyanoacrylate adhesives such as 3M, Loctite, Bondloc and Permabond.

Procure Conversion Chart

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