Product Overview

  • • Locks in seconds on most natural materials
  • • Ideal for joinery and construction
  • • Kit includes a 50g adhesives with a 200ml aerosol activator

Product Information

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Mitrelock Wood Mitre Adhesive dramatically reduces assembly time on natural materials such as MDF, hard and soft wood, paper, cardboard, and leather. The combination of Mitrelocks Adhesive and Activator gives the user a reliable command cure. Mitrelock locks in seconds using three simple steps.

Mitrelock Wood Mitre Adhesive Kit

Mitrelock works by replacing traditional fittings such as screws and nails. A more efficient and reliable bonding solution than alternatives such as PVA or hot-melt adhesives, because it is quick and clean for the user and works with a wide variety of substrates.

Directions for use


Step 1.

Mitrelock Wood Mitre Adhesive, Step 1, Activator Icon.

Spray Activator on to one surface and allow to dry.


Step 2.

Mitrelock Wood Mitre Adhesive, Step 2, Adhesive Icon.

Adhesive to the other surface.


Step 3.

Mitrelock Wood Mitre Adhesive, Step 3, Assemble Icon.

Assemble parts.


Locks in Seconds tagline.

What is in the kit?


• 50g Adhesive.

• 200ml Aerosol Activator.

Cyanoacrylate De-bonding


Procure PC68 de-bonder can remove cured cyanoacrylate from most substrates. Parts can also be disassembled. Ensure to test the compatibility of the substrate with first as some plastics may dissolve.

It is not possible to fully remove cyanoacrylate from fabrics.

General Information


For information on safe handling of Mitrelock wood mitre adhesive consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

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