ProGlue RangeProGlue the Glue Range for Model Makers.

ProGlue, the glue range for all passionate model makers, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts out there!

This collection of adhesives is not just a tool but a lifeline for bringing your creative visions to life.

The ProGlue Range

ProGlue microtips for ca bottle nozzles can significantly enhance precision and control during detailed tasks.

Glue Tips

These microtips are specifically designed for accurately dispensing adhesive in small quantities, making them perfect for intricate work such as reaching tight spaces, repairing small cracks, filling narrow gaps, and handling precise tasks with cleanliness.

When attached to the nozzle of a super glue bottle, ProGlue microtips allow for pinpoint accuracy and exceptional control.

The ProGlue Super Glue Original Range

Super glue original thin CA, a top-quality adhesive solution for various applications.

Our specially formulated super glue is crafted for quick and efficient bonding with minimal mess. Explore the benefits of our ultra-thin formula, engineered to enhance joint connections and improve the durability of materials.

Super glue original medium CA is a high-quality product designed for bonding a variety of materials commonly used in modelling and hobby projects, such as balsa, plywood, and basswood.

Super glue original thick CA, a crucial addition to any hobbyist's toolkit.

This versatile thick formula is ideal for bonding plastic, metal, resin, wood, and more, setting in just 20 seconds for precise and efficient work.

RC Scale Models

ProGlue tyre glue thin, a highly effective product designed specifically for enthusiasts seeking top performance.

This professional-grade adhesive is known for its rapid bonding capabilities, allowing drivers to maintain a competitive edge on the track.

It is expertly formulated to provide exceptional strength when affixing RC tyres to wheels, elevating the overall racing experience.

Foam Safe Super Glue

ProGlue foam safe medium super glue - a revolutionary product in the adhesive industry.

This odourless ca offers exceptional gap filling capabilities like medium original, but without the harsh odours.

It is ideal for hobbyists and model makers, providing seamless bonding of materials such as balsa, plywood, and basswood without any bleaching effect. Additionally, this glue is well-suited for craft projects, particularly when working with foam shapes or attaching materials to foam products.

With its medium-thick formula that cures in just 15 seconds, ProGlue foam safe CA is an essential tool for all your bonding needs.

Also available Epoxy Resin 5 Min, Threadlock and Super Glue Liquid Activator.

Developed by the experts at Cyanotec, ProGlue™ is designed to meet the specific needs of hobbyists, ensuring a strong bond without compromising aesthetics, particularly in foam-related applications.

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