Super Glue Original Thin

Product Overview

  • • Very Low Viscosity
  • • Ultra-Fast Bonding
  • • Exceptional Strength
  • • Penetrates and strengthens porous materials

Product Information

ProGlue the Glue Range for Model Makers.

Super Glue Original Thin from ProGlue

Super Glue Original Range

Super Glue Original Thin

Super Glue Original Thin CA, a top-quality adhesive solution for various applications. Our specially formulated super glue is crafted for quick and efficient bonding with minimal mess.

Explore the benefits of our ultra-thin formula, engineered to enhance joint connections, and improve the durability of materials. This product is particularly effective on delicate materials like balsa wood, with a rapid bonding time of 1-5 seconds, perfect for swift repairs and intricate projects. For quicker curing, our ProGlue super glue liquid activator is available for added convenience.


Ideal for a wide range of materials such as balsa wood, hard woods, rubber, and ceramics, our adhesive offers exceptional strength and precision for any project. It is crucial to handle our product with care, using a small amount and promptly removing excess to avoid unintentional bonding. Additionally, our debonder is available for use in case of mishaps.

ProGlue™ is a product line developed by Cyanotec to meet the demands of hobbyists and professionals.

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