ProGlue Microtips

Product Overview

  • • Pin Point Accuracy
  • • No Mess
  • • No Waste

Product Information

ProGlue Microtips



ProGlue Microtips for Super Glue Bottles

Proglue microtips for ca bottle nozzles can significantly enhance precision and control during detailed tasks.

These microtips are specifically designed for accurately dispensing adhesive in small quantities, making them perfect for intricate work such as reaching tight spaces, repairing small cracks, filling narrow gaps, and handling precise tasks with cleanliness.

When attached to the nozzle of a super glue bottle, proglue microtips allow for pinpoint accuracy and exceptional control. They are essential tools for craftsmen and hobbyists who require precise application of super glue for their projects.

Crafted for intricate craftsmanship, ca microtips are specifically tailored for navigating small spaces, repairing minute cracks, filling narrow gaps, and completing tasks that demand accuracy and neatness. Despite their compact size, these microtips play a critical role in meticulous handiwork where attention to detail is paramount.

Microtips serve as invaluable tools for skilled hobbyists, enabling them to combine creativity and craftsmanship effectively. By offering precise control and enhancing accuracy, these microtips empower users to create innovative and passionate works of art.


This product is compatible with most major super glue brands, making it an excellent choice for use for all your hobby and diy projects.

Specifically, it is optimized for proglue’s original thin, original medium, original thick, foam safe medium, and tyre glue thin formulas.

  • Repairing and addressing imperfections such as cracks, voids, and knots in wood.
  • Applying finishes to woodturning projects and knife handles to create a durable, transparent, and waterproof seal.
  • Stabilizing guitar frets for improved performance.
  • Installing decorative bindings and trim on stringed instruments.
  • Bonding and restoring intricate guitar designs on various parts such as the headstock and fretboard.
  • Preparing and stabilizing fossils for extraction.
  • Small-scale stone repairs including metal and turquoise inlays.
  • Crafting and repairing fine jewelry.
  • Restoring and preserving antique furniture.
  • Expertly repairing ceramics.
  • Marble, granite, and quartz restoration.
  • Bonding fibreglass to balsa wood for structural enhancements.