Engineering Products

Engineering Products, a range of engineer and maintenance support products available for purchase. Including a range of Griffon engineering products and the Lubricant and Maintenance Spray range from Bison.


The Bison range includes silicone spray a universal transparent slipping, lubricating and anti-adhesion agent. Contact spray a cleaning and maintenance spray for electrical contacts. Cleaner spray a universal cleaning and degreasing agent for metal. White grease spray a high-quality multi-functional grease based on PTFE. Multi Spray a multifunctional maintenance agent for lubricating, protecting, cleaning and loosening in 1001 applications.


Griffon's professional brand prioritizes the values of efficiency, expediency, and dependability in product development. For more than 75 years, Bolton Adhesives (formerly Bison International) has provided professional craftsmen with a comprehensive selection of reliable solutions for various assembling, bonding, sealing, and protection tasks. These carefully crafted products are specifically designed for professional use, often boasting necessary certifications and engineered for optimal user-friendliness. The exceptional end results delivered by these products are a source of pride for any skilled craftsman.

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