Multi Spray

Product Overview

  • • Lubricates, cleans & protects against moisture and corrosion
  • • Removes dirt, grease and dissolves oxides
  • • Silicone-free

Product Information

Multi Spray from Bison Banner Image.

Multi Spray

Multi Spray is a Multifunctional maintenance agent for lubricating, protecting, cleaning and loosening in 1001 applications. For lubricating, protecting, cleaning and loosening in 1001
applications, such as in the home, workshop, garage, garden, caravan, car and boat. Suitable for, e.g., lubricating sliding doors, windows, hinges, latches, locks and roller bearings.
Also for maintenance of (motor) bikes, scooters, machinery, (garden) tools and sports equipment. Also for removing dirt and grease from wheel rims, (bicycle) chains, gears, bearings and loosening rusted and oxidised (fixation) materials such as bolts and nuts.

Directions for use

Shake well before use.
Spray surface(s) evenly from a distance of approx. 10-20cm. For use as penetrating oil, spray surface(s) generously. After about 5 -10 minutes, the parts can be disassembled. For preventive use parts must be treated first, then assembled. Stains/residue: Remove stains with Bison Cleaner Spray or degreaser.

Points of attention

Use the additional spray hose integrated in the cap for optimum dosage.

Available in a 400ml Aerosol. Contact us for more information or see what else is available from Bison here.