Anaerobic Adhesives

Lockfast Anaerobic Adhesives are solvent-free and designed to cure in the absence of air on metal fitting parts. The perfect solution for any of your retaining, thread-locking, gasketing and pipe sealing jobs.

Threadlockers are high performance anaerobic thread locking adhesives that are suitable for all standard threaded fasteners. Protects against corrosion, thermal expansion and loosening from vibration and shock.

Retainers are high performance anaerobic retaining compounds that are used for bonding cylindrical fitting parts such as bearings, gears, shafts and pulleys etc. Ideal for reducing assembly stresses, preventing corrosion and loosening from vibration or shock. Retaining liquids offer cost and time effective assembly solutions.

Gasket Makers eliminate the need for pre-cut gaskets! Anaerobic liquid gasketing sealants create a reliable airtight seal, between close fitting metal parts. They are solvent free and provide a leak proof seal every time. Lockfast gasketing sealants are designed to increase load distribution and reduce stress on metal flanges.

Pipe Sealants are a must have for reliable pressure seals on threaded pipes and fixtures. The final bond strength is typically stronger than the pipe itself.

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