Anaerobic Adhesives

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Lockfast Anaerobic Adhesives are solvent-free and designed to cure in the absence of air on metal fitting parts. The perfect solution for any of your retaining, thread-locking, gasketing and pipe sealing jobs.

Anaerobic Adhesives the Lockfast® range

Our line of UK-manufactured anaerobic adhesives, threadlockers, and sealants are designed to compete with or exceed similar products offered by Loctite. Lockfast® adhesives have been a reputable brand, supplying engineers with dependable products since 1993. Our Lockfast® range features product codes that correspond to those of Loctite®, making it easier for customers to select the right product. For example, our T42 nut locking adhesive is equivalent to Loctite 242 Threadlocker.

The Lockfast engineering adhesives product line includes a variety of thread lockers such as screwlock, nutlock, and studlock, as well as retaining compounds, bearing fit adhesives, and bonding solutions for close-fitting metal cylindrical parts and metal threaded pipe sealants. We also offer gasketing products like instant-gaskets, flange sealants, form-in-place gaskets, and gasket makers.

Anaerobic Adhesive Types

Threadlockers are high performance anaerobic thread locking adhesives that are suitable for all standard threaded fasteners. Protects against corrosion, thermal expansion and loosening from vibration and shock.

Retainers are high performance anaerobic retaining compounds that are used for bonding cylindrical fitting parts such as bearings, gears, shafts and pulleys etc. Ideal for reducing assembly stresses, preventing corrosion and loosening from vibration or shock. Retaining liquids offer cost and time effective assembly solutions.

Gasket Makers eliminate the need for pre-cut gaskets! Anaerobic liquid gasketing sealants create a reliable airtight seal, between close fitting metal parts. They are solvent free and provide a leak proof seal every time. Lockfast gasketing sealants are designed to increase load distribution and reduce stress on metal flanges.

Pipe Sealants are a must have for reliable pressure seals on threaded pipes and fixtures. The final bond strength is typically stronger than the pipe itself.

Feel free to explore our Lockfast anaerobic adhesive range below, or contact our team for more information. You can also refer to our Lockfast product guide for a comprehensive overview of each product.

If you need expert assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of adhesive experts is available to evaluate your project requirements, offer personalized recommendations, and suggest bonding solutions to optimize your manufacturing processes and reduce expenses.

See our conversion chart for Lockfast alternatives of other brands of engineering adhesives such as Loctite, Bondloc, Delta adhesives and Truloc.

Lockfast Conversion Chart

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