Threadlockers Half Full

Threadlockers, why is the Bottle only Half Full?

Threadlockers are they half full or half empty, that is the question! The answer may surprise you. To inhibit the reactive curing process, anaerobic thread locking adhesives are stored and packaged with air. Because half of the bottle contains air, and the other half contains adhesive, it may look like the bottle is underfilled, but Lockfast® Threadlockers are packaged in larger bottles to allow for this, so a 10ml threadlocker is packaged in a 20ml bottle. Air can also penetrate the bottle because it is made from LDPE (low-density polyethylene), which can help preserve the products shelf life.

Thread Locker Inside the Bottle - Illustrated.

Threadlocker Inside the Bottle – Illustrated.

Lockfast Thread locking grades

There are three associated strength types of anaerobic adhesives in the threadlock and sealing range.


This is a low strength product that can be disassembled with hand tools, and are also more suited to weaker metals to help prevent breakages due to the products strength.


These are medium strength products T42 for example is a good all round nut and bolt lock and sealer.


These are high strength products used for locking larger threaded parts such as studs.

Some grades have other features that have associated icons for easy identification, see our technical article “Lockfast Icons Explained” here.

Lockfast Thread Lockers Strengths

Lockfast Threadlockers Strength Categories.

These are also colour coded, green, or red typically represents a higher strength product, blue medium or medium to high, and purple low.

For further information on Lockfast® Threadlockers please see our latest “Technical Information Sheet” here.

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Posted on March 15, 2023 | by Matthew Cox |
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