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Lockfast Icons Explained

Lockfast engineering anaerobic adhesives are now identifiable by unique icons, with the intention of further informing the customer of a products features and benefits at a glance.



Anaerobic Type Icons:

The Lockfast anaerobic range can be identified by a colour coded icon; for example Lockfast T42 nutlock is a light blue thread locker, R38 is a dark green retainer, P77 is a yellow pipe sealant, and G18 is a red gasket maker. See the examples below.


Thread Lockers

Thread Locker


Retainers Icon



Pipe Sealants Icon

Pipe Sealant


Anaerobic Gasket Maker Icon

Gasket Maker


Viscosity Icons:

A product’s viscosity may decrease when stress is applied, shaken, or stirred; these products are known as thixotropic and have a viscosity range rather than a typical figure. Among the Lockfast products is the T90 nutlock, which is specifically designed for low viscosity applications on preassembled parts. A penetrating grade is indicated by the following icon.


Penetrating Grade Icon

Penetrating Grade


Product Benefit Icons:

High temperature Lockfast anaerobics have a higher operating temperature than standard Anaerobics. For instance, Lockfast T72 studlock operates from -54°C to 230°C, whereas a standard thread locker operates between -54°C to 150°C. Oil tolerant is another identified product benefit. An example of this would be Lockfast T43 nutlock, specifically designed to penetrate minor oil contaminants on surfaces, such as on ‘as received’ fasteners, which cannot be cleaned. You can see the icons below.


High Temperature Icon

High Temperature


Lockfast Oil Tolerant Icon

Oil Tolerant

For further information on the Lockfast® anaerobic range please see our latest “Technical Information Sheets” below:


For further technical information or if you have a different question please contact us.

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