Bison Kit Cleaner

Product Overview

  • • Cleans surfaces to be bonded.
  • • Removes, non-cured contact adhesive.
  • • Thinner, dilutes contact adhesives.

Product Information

Bison Kit Cleaner (Degreaser and Thinner).

Bison Kit Cleaner

Bison Kit Cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaning liquid that can be used as a degreaser for cleaning surfaces before bonding, and a thinner suitable for diluting contact adhesives such as Bison Kit and Bison Tix. It can also be used for cleaning and removing non-cured adhesive residue from tools such as glue spreaders, brushes, (rubber) hammers, pressure rollers or presses. It has a good dissolving capacity, and is recommended to be applied with a well absorbing cloth. Coverage is highly dependent on application type.

Directions for use


Apply on a clean, well absorbing cloth. Clean and degrease surfaces. Allow surfaces to dry well.


Add and stir firmly until the adhesive has reached its original viscosity.

Available in a 250ml Tin. Contact us for more information or see what else is available from Bison here.