Product Overview

  • • Neoprene rubber based contact adhesive.
  • • Bonds instantly (after solvents have evaporated).
  • • Super strong, suitable for materials under stress.

Product Information

Bison Kit Contact Adhesive Liquid.


Bison Kit


Bison Kit is a universal liquid contact adhesive an ideal solution to a range of repairs and DIY jobs such as surface bonding or laminating of many materials that require immediate bonding, loading or processing. The neoprene rubber based solution bonds wood, board, veneer, plastic and metal panel boards (HPL, Formica®, for example), (foam) rubber, leather, cork, canvas, linoleum and polyether foam (sound insulation), among other things, to itself as well as to many other surfaces. Also for repairing shoes, bags, toys and carpets, or for doing (hobby) handicraft work. Not suitable for polystyrene foam (Tempex®), PE, PP and vinyl.


Directions For Use


Stir well before use. Should preferably not be diluted. Parts must be clean, dry and free of grease. Coat both substrates completely. Allow to dry for a minimum of 10-40 minutes. In case of porous materials, apply a second coat and let dry. Then join parts and roll or tap firmly (with a rubber
mallet). Stains/residue: Remove wet adhesive residue immediately with Bison Kit Cleaner. Dried excess adhesive can only be removed mechanically or with a paint stripper (pre-test). Points of attention: For optimum results, both the adhesive and the parts to be bonded must be at room temperature (definitely do not use below +10 °C). The final bonding strength depends on the pressure applied. Therefore, press as firmly as possible across the entire surface. Should the adhesive joint between porous materials be exposed to long-lasting contact with water, the adhesive may detach from the wet surface.

Available in a 50ml tube carded, 140ml tube boxed, 250ml and 650ml Tin. Contact us for more information or see what else is available from Bison here.

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