Product Overview

  • • Gel contact adhesive, non-drip/non-run formula.
  • • Bonds instantly (after solvents have evaporated).
  • • Suitable for materials under stress and/or where clamping is difficult.

Product Information

Bison Tix Contact Adhesive Gel.

Bison Tix


Bison Tix is a super-strong, gelified, universal contact adhesive: easy to spread, does not drip and forms no strings.

Ideally suitable for bonding plastic panel board (such as Formica®), veneer, hardboard, synthetic edges, rubber, leather, linoleum, cork, textiles and polyether foam together and on wood, chipboard, concrete and metal. This adhesive does not drip and is therefore very suitable for vertical bonding. Excellent for bonding stair edgings, floor covering or stair carpets, furniture tips or felts, among other things. Also for repairing shoes, bags, toys and carpets, or for doing (hobby) handicraft work. Not suitable for polystyrene foam (Tempex®), PE, PP and vinyl.


Directions for use


Apply the adhesive thinly and evenly to both surfaces using the fine-toothed adhesive spreader (1 mm) or brush. Allow both surfaces to dry for 10 to 25 minutes. As soon as the adhesive stops stringing, join parts. Adjustment is then no longer possible. Avoid entrapping of air bubbles. Firmly tap, roll or press materials.

For optimum results, both the adhesive and the parts to be bonded must be at room temperature (definitely do not use below +10 °C). The final bonding strength depends on the pressure applied. Therefore, press as firmly as possible across the entire surface. Should the adhesive joint between porous materials be exposed to long-lasting contact with water, the adhesive may detach from the wet surface.

Available in a 50ml tube carded, 250ml, 750ml and 5L Tins. Contact us for more information or see what else is available from Bison here.

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