Poly Max Crystal Express

Product Overview

  • • Construction adhesive and sealant
  • • 100% transparent, sea water and weather resistant
  • • Permanently elastic 25 year guarantee
  • • Handling time after 2 hrs - final strength after 4 hrs

Product Information

Poly Max Crystal Express banner image.


Poly Max Crystal Express


Poly Max Crystal Express from Bison is a crystal clear universal construction adhesive and sealant used for bonding, fixing and sealing almost all (construction) materials on almost all surfaces (smooth, porous and non-porous). Great for fixing skirting boards, lathing, window sills, doorsteps, roof edges, construction boards, insulation materials, gypsum boards, polystyrene ornaments and decorative frames. Performs great when sealing skirting boards (synthetics), window frames, stair steps, window sills, doorsteps and drywall’s. Also suitable for sealing cracks in walls and ceilings.

Directions for Use

Coverage: One cartridge issues approx. 8-15 metres of adhesive in stripes or 5-8 m²/kg when spot bonding (depending on the diameter of the cut nozzle)

Before using open cartridge at the top by cut off the plastic nipple above the thread with a sharp knife. Fix the nozzle onto the cartridge and cut at an angle to the desired diameter, at least 0.5 cm. For sealing cut the nozzle at an angle to the desired joint width.

Correctly position material within 10 minutes of application and press firmly or lightly tap with a rubber mallet. If necessary, clamp heavy materials.

Available in a 300g cartridge. Contact us for more information or see what else is available from Bison here.