Plastic Adhesive

Product Overview

  • • Strong adhesive for bonding rigid plastics
  • • Medium-viscosity adhesive at 600 mPas
  • • Transparent, waterproof and temperature resistant bond
  • • Sizes: 25ml tube

Product Information

Plastic Adhesive

Plastic Adhesive from Bison is a transparent, medium viscosity adhesive designed for adhering rigid plastics and household synthetics such as ABS, acrylic glass, polycarbonate and rigid PVC.  Excellent for repairing plastic household appliances such as: (mobile) phones, coffee-makers, audio appliances, water boilers, remote controls, computers, printers, keyboards.  Also excellent for fixing PVC electrical tubes and plastic bicycle and car light parts.  Please refer to technical data sheet for further information and applications.

How to Use

Completely coat one surface with adhesive.

Assemble parts and hold/clamp until parts are bonded.