New REACH PU Regulations that enforce new rules for use of PU Products.

New REACH PU Regulations

As of August 24th, 2023, training becomes mandatory for all individuals working in professional and industrial capacities who use polyurethane adhesives and sealant products in the United Kingdom, when the total monomeric diisocyanate concentration exceeds 0.1%. Training needs to be periodically updated every five years, accompanied by meticulous documentation to ensure proper maintenance.

What are Diisocyanates?

Diisocyanates are in the production of polyurethane (PU) adhesive and sealant products.

Safety First

The primary objective of this new legislation on diisocyanates is to safeguard the well-being of workers. Those who regularly come into contact with these substances in an industrial or professional setting. Its vital that you undergo necessary training as mandated by the legislation.

Why is Training Required?

The introduction of this restriction by the UK Government under REACH regulation is a result of the potential respiratory and skin sensitization caused by diisocyanates. These substances can induce allergic reactions in individuals exposed to them. Symptoms of respiratory sensitization may include coughing, wheezing, and difficulty in breathing, while symptoms of skin sensitization may manifest as itching, redness, and swelling.

New Labelling Requirement

Legislation requires clear labeling for diisocyanates. Required statement: “As from 24 August 2023, adequate training is required before industrial or professional use.”

Should you have concerns regarding your potential exposure to diisocyanates. Individuals should bring concerns to their employer or consult a healthcare professional.

PU Training Resources

At the time of writing this, FEICA (the Association of the European Adhesive & Sealant Industry) have a voucher code. The voucher covers the cost of initial industry specific training. This offer is exclusively available to end-users operating within the construction, industrial, or non-industrial sectors. This only covers modules specific to the use of PU adhesives and sealants. See:

A training platform, available in various EU languages, is available here:

This link is regarding the proper utilization of diisocyanates, relevant to the adhesive and sealants industry provided by FEICA:

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