Procure Icons Explained


Procure Icons Explained

Our Procure cyanoacrylate adhesives now have two unique icons, with the intention of further informing the customer of a products features and benefits at a glance.



Typical Fixture Speed Icons:

The following icons identify the typical fixture speed. As a result of some formulations different speeds due to viscosity or special accelerated fixture times. Fixture speed is the time in which two parts take to fix. Full bond strength takes 24 hours.

Procure Icons Slow Cure

Slow Cure

Cyanoacrylates, fast curing by nature. Grades such as PC22 are formulated to allow additional time for positioning parts before fixing. A slow cure would be an initial fixture time of less than 60 seconds depending on substrate.

Procure Icons Standard Cure

Standard Cure

Some thicker viscosity grades like PC16 naturally have a standard cure time, dependant on substrate type. This is not the case with all CA’s, for example, PC54 a high viscosity gel, is formulated to be a more reactive product.

Procure Icons Fast Cure

Fast Cure

The high performance range of products are formulated to be more reactive, and are known for their surface insensitive qualities. However thinner grades in the multi purpose range are naturally fast. Cyanoacrylate adhesives get the “instant adhesive” name because, given the right environment, most materials bond in seconds.

Viscosity Icons:

Viscosity varies depending on application, a thicker viscosity will generally have a slower fixture speed unless it is specially formulated to achieve an accelerated fixture speed.

PC20 as an example, is designed for pre-assembled parts. The extra thin grade wicks down between close fitting assemblies. Also known as “wicking”.

Penetrating Viscosity

Penetrating Grade

Low Viscosity

Low Viscosity

Medium Viscosity

Medium Viscosity

High Viscosity

High Viscosity

Product Benefit Icons:

High temperature Procure products have a higher working temperature than standard cyanoacrylates. Low odour and bloom products are specially formulated to be more comfortable for the user and less likely to cause white marks that can be described as bleaching or frosting, this is known as blooming.

High Temperature Grade

High Temperature

As a result of the formulation the rubber toughened range can withstand higher temperatures.

Procure Icons, Low Odour

Low Odour and Low Bloom

The Procure Low Odour range is designed for user comfort and reduces whitening often caused by standard cyanoacrylate adhesives known as “bloom”.

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