ProGlue the Glue Range for Model Makers.

ProGlue – Model Glue from the Experts.

The ProGlue range has been specially selected by the glue experts at Cyanotec, with the model maker and hobbyist in mind.

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ProGlue, Super Glue Original Range

The Super Glue range, selected for a multitude of applications, in turn this gives the user ultimate control when bonding a variety of materials.

Super Glue - Original Thin

Super Glue Original thin 20g

Thin 20g

Super Glue - Original Medium

Super Glue Original Medium 20g

Medium 20g

Super Glue - Original Thick

Super Glue Original Thick 20g

Thick 20g

ProGlue, Super Glue Activator

Super Glue Activator

This liquid super glue activator will accelerate the cure time of all the super glues in the range. It comes with a pump spray for ease of use.

Super Glue Activator 50ml

Super Glue Activator 50ml

ProGlue Tyre GlueTyre glue - Thin

This ones for the drivers! The pro choice; stay in the race with this super-fast wheel and tyre bonder.

Tyre glue Thin 20g

Tyre glue Thin 20g

ProGlue Foam SafeFoam Safe - Medium

A low-odour super glue suitable for bonding foam to itself and other materials. Foam safe reduces the risk of bleaching surfaces.

Foam Safe Medium Super Glue 20g

Foam Safe Medium Super Glue 20g

ProGlue ThreadlockThreadlock - Medium Strength

With this medium-strength threadlocker, it is possible to lock and seal threaded metal parts. Its sealing capabilities mean that bonded parts can resist shock, vibration and thread rust. Disassemble and removed with hand tools. An essential item for any 1/8 or 1/10 scale models.

Threadlock Medium Strength Blue 10ml

Threadlock Medium Strength Blue 10ml

ProGlue Epoxy Resin Epoxy Resin - 5Min

This 2-part high-performance epoxy glue, is quick setting, strong, clear, and can be sanded.

Epoxy resin 5 Min 25ml

Epoxy Resin 5Min 25ml


ProGlue Range


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