Product Overview

  • • Waterproof
  • • Very rapid strength gain
  • • Does not drip or foam

Product Information

TIFA-Tix from Bison Banner Image.



TIFA-Tix a very fast, filling, solvent-free, permanently elastic, one-part wood adhesive based on SMP Polymer for waterproof and durable joints. Complete with KOMO attest-with-product certificate ‘joining techniques in wooden façade elements’, certificate number 20934. Conform BRL 0819 approved for dowel and mortise and tenon joints in (external) window frames made of meranti, sapupira, sapele (mahogany), iroko, oregon pine, spruce, merbau, Larift® and Accoya®. TIFA Tix is equipped with tiny beads, which ensure that after locking up the (frame) joints, enough adhesive is remaining in the joint for guaranteed waterproofing. For the waterproof and durable joining of all coniferous and deciduous types of wood as well as modified wood using various woodworking joints, such as mortise and tenon joints and dowel joints. Also for joining wood to a variety of building materials such as (natural) stone, (aerated) concrete, metal, rigid foam and various synthetics. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, such as façade carpentry. Also suitable for less-fitting joints.

Directions For Use

Do not use first 5 cm glue groove of new cartridge for joining. Apply the glue evenly, directly from the cartridge and, if necessary, redistribute using a brush, putty knife or glue spreader. Assemble the components within 15 minutes and push, clamp or press firmly together. Close the cartridge properly immediately after use.

Available in a 435g cartridge. Contact us for more information or see what else is available from Bison here.