Super Glue Liquid

Product Overview

  • • Ultra fast
  • • Ultra strong
  • • Flows into smallest corners and joints

Product Information

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Super Glue Liquid

Super glue liquid a ultra fast and extra strong liquid super glue. Reaches smallest corners and joints. Ideal for small-area bonds. Glues almost all solid and flexible materials like many plastics (such as rigid PVC, ABS, PS, Plexiglas®, polycarbonate (Makrolon®), and phenolic resins (Bakelite®)), porcelain, ceramics, leather, metal, wood, cork, felt, cloth (check suitability first), and rubber. Only partly suitable for glass (over a certain period of time the bond becomes brittle, causing it to weaken). Not suitable for PE, PP, silicone resins, PTFE, Styrofoam®, fabrics and leather clothing.

Directions For Use

1. To pierce the membrane, turn the cap clockwise firmly onto the tube. Tip: do not press the tube while piercing. 2. Unscrew the cap to reveal the applicator. Apply the adhesive directly from the tube, using the nozzle, as thinly as possible onto one side (too much glue slows down the curing process significantly). Press parts together immediately. After use, clean nozzle with a dry tissue and replace cap.

Available in a 12 x 2g carded. Contact us for more information or see what else is available from Bison here.

About Bison


Bison is in part the basis for every job because of the unparalleled product range. For (critical) do-it-yourselfers. Securing, repairing, assembling and sealing. Indoors, outdoors, in the garden, the caravan and on the boat. Well-known products are Poly Max®, Montagekit and Bison Kit®.

The Bison brand is part of Bolton Adhesives. Bolton Adhesives represents the adhesives division of the Bolton Group and has four prominent brands: Bison, UHU, Griffon and Air Max.

Cyanotec are the main UK distributor for Bison.