Product Overview

  • • Lowers the risk of staining on uPVC plastic
  • • Cures cyanoacrylate adhesives in seconds
  • • Ideal for curing adhesives in adverse conditions
  • • Reduces blooming
  • • Available in 200ml aerosol

Product Information

Procure PC780 Activator

Procure PC780 Plastic Activator is designed to significantly increase the cure speed of Procure Cyanoacrylates. Low stain properties allow for the fast bonding of uPVC plastics where yellowing or staining can occur. Ideal when used with slower curing grades such as PC16. Fixture times of less than 2 seconds can be obtained with most cyanoacrylates. Testing on the parts to measure the effect is recommended.


Directions For Use


1.  Apply activator to one of the surfaces to be bonded.

2.  Apply the appropriate Procure Cyanoacrylate grade to the opposite part to be assembled.

3.  Join parts and apply light pressure for a few seconds.


General Information


For information on safe handling of Procure PC780 Plastic Activator consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

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