Product Overview

  • • Order what you need; No MOQ
  • • Boost your brand with your own private label range
  • • Full colour CMYK digital print
  • • A variety of packaging options to choose from
  • • Fast turn around, usually 3-5 days lead time

Product Information

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Private Label Cyanoacrylates from Cyanotec. We can offer a full private label service to personalise your adhesive and sealant products, increasing brand awareness for your business.

The majority of all our in-house brands can be personalised with your own branded label. Once your first order is placed, just send us your artwork. Alternatively if you would like us to create a label for you, then send us your company logo.

We fill products and print labels to order therefore no stock holding required or paying for rolls of labels up front.


Cyanoacrylate Grades

Surface Insensitive

The following grades are high performance, surface insensitive grades which are formulated to cure the same regardless of surface type.


    01 – Medium viscosity (100cP), suits difficult to bond applications.

   06 – Thin viscosity (20cP), rubber bonder.

   95 – Thin viscosity (40cP), suits difficult to bond applications.

1144 – Very thin viscosity (5cP), wicking grade.

 01F – Medium viscosity (100cP), accelerated cure.



The following grades can be used for multiple applications.


07 – Medium-high viscosity (700cP), plastic and rubber bonding.

16 – High viscosity (1500cP).

20 – Very Low viscosity (5cP), wicking grade.

22 – Very high viscosity (2500cP).

24 – Medium viscosity (120cP).

50 – Medium-thick viscosity (300cP).


Low Odour

The following grades are low odour, low bloom, and foam safe.


  03 – High viscosity (1200cP)

  08 – Low viscosity (5cP)

  60 – Medium viscosity (100cP)


Rubber Toughened

The following grades are toughened cyanoacrylates that have improved flexibility to better resist stress cracking and have a higher heat resistance compared to standard cyanoacrylate grades.


  80 – Medium viscosity (500cP) – Black

  35 – High viscosity (1000cP) – Clear

  85 – High viscosity (3500cP) – Clear

1473 – High viscosity (4000cP) – Black


Cyanoacrylate Gel

The following grades have improved gap fill and are suitable for overhead and vertical applications.


  09 – Non-drip Gel – Standard Cure

  54 – Non-drip Gel – Fast Cure


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