Plastic Tapered Tip Nozzles

Product Overview

  • • Smooth flow, tapered dispensing tips
  • • Suitable for fine applications of adhesive
  • • Prevents blockages and increase fluid flow rates
  • • All colours are UV blocking and size coded
  • • Sizes large to small 14swg, 16swg, 18swg, 20swg, 22swg, 25swg

Product Information

Plastic Tapered Tip Nozzles Chart

We stock a large variety of plastic tapered tip nozzles used to dispense fine amounts of adhesives for precise applications such as model making. Theses nozzles can be fitted directly onto our standard Procure Cyanoacrylate, Procure UV and Lockfast anaerobic products to offer fine bond lines and a controlled flow of thinner grade adhesives.

We offer a range of sizes in different gauges allowing you to select the right one for your application needs.

Please enquire for further information on available plastic tapered tip nozzles, sizes and colours etc.