Multi Tool

Product Overview

  • • Bison Silicone Multi Tool
  • • Allows the nozzle to be cut off easily at the desired diameter
  • • Allows for finishing and removing of excess sealant
  • • The hooked side is ideal for removing cured sealant

Product Information

Multi Tool – Bison


A convenient and multi-functional tool from Bison for removing existing silicone sealant residues, smoothing joints and opening of silicone style cartridges. Suitable for use with all sealants (such as Silicone Sealant, Acrylic Sealant, Poly Max®, Bison Universal).

How to Use

Place the cutter straight on the cartridge closure. Cut off the cartridge closure using the built-in cutter. Can also be used to cut the nozzle, cut diagonally at the desired diameter.

To remove cured sealant, insert the hook-shaped portion of the tool in the cured sealant and loosen. Use the pointed part on places which are hard to reach.