MontageKit Professional

Product Overview

  • • Very high final bond strength.
  • • Can be used internally and externally.
  • • Permanently elastic.
  • • Water and temperature resistant.

Product Information

Montagekit Professional 125g tube carded.

MontageKit Professional

Construction Adhesive


MontageKit Professional from Bison is a super strong universal construction adhesive.

This extra strong, universal, filling assembly adhesive based on neoprene rubber can be used for easy and solid fixing of, e.g., wood, synthetics, metal, stone, plaster and tiles onto various kinds of substrates such as concrete, stone, plasterwork, wood, chipboard, metal and synthetics. Applicable both internally and externally and suitable for fixing of materials under tension.

Permanently elastic. No need for nails and screws.

Montage Kit Professional is suitable for assembling all kinds of (building) materials, such as wood, stone, concrete, metal and many synthetics on nearly all substrates of stone, concrete, wood, metal, synthetics, plasterwork, gypsum board, etc. Also very suitable for bonding two non-porous materials and fixing material under strain. Very suitable for mounting timber framework, skirting boards, doorsteps, laths (wood / plastic), panelling, window sills, ceramic tiles, construction boards, drywalls, wood strips, wall covering sheets, panels, insulation, soft and hardboard, panels, sills, nameplates , house numbers, suspension hooks, ducts, electrical outlets and electrical boxes.
Not suitable for PE, PP, PTFE, bitumen, polystyrene foam, mirrors, natural stone and in permanently humid places. When gluing plastics always perform an adhesion test first. Adhesion to plastics can vary depending on the type of synthetic and the quality of the plastic.

Available in a 125g tube carded. Contact us for more information or see what else is available from Bison here.