Lockfast Quick Repair Epoxy Stick

Product Overview

  • • Two-part, hand-mixable, universal epoxy putty
  • • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • • 3 - 5 minutes working time
  • • Available in 175mm length sticks

Product Information

Lockfast Quick Repair Epoxy Stick


Lockfast Quick Repair Epoxy Stick is a universal, hand-mixable, fast-setting epoxy putty for quick, permanent repairs to glass, ceramics, metals, concrete, wood and numerous plastics.

Typical applications can include, but not limited to, repairing and replacing broken or loose wall and floor tiles; anchoring bolts, rods, screws, machines and housings. Can be used in place of electrical tape, ceramics, or plastic connectors; and to fabricate small parts, handles, knobs, and missing details. Ideal for auto repairs such as bonding trims, repairing small dents, filling holes/cracks, as well as sealing leaks in down spouts and gutters etc.

How to Use


To ensure a good bond, sand both surfaces and ensure they are dry, free of grease, dirt, paint etc.

Twist or cut off the required amount of product, knead the putty with the fingers until uniform colour is achieved.

Press the putty onto the prepared surface within 2 minutes of mixing.

For a smooth appearance, rub with water or a damp cloth within the working life of the putty.

After 5-10 minutes the epoxy putty will harden like metal and start to form a bond. After 60 minutes the material will be cured sufficiently for practical use.