Product Overview

  • • Slow-cure allowing for part adjustment and re-alignment.
  • • Suitable for coarse metal threads.
  • • High temperature resistance.
  • • Prevents loosening from vibration, leaks, and corrosion.

Product Information

P72 Pipe Sealant Banner.


Lockfast P72 Pipe Sealant


Lockfast P72 Pipe Sealant is an off white, slow cure, high temperature pipe sealant with P.T.F.E. It is designed for the sealing and locking of metal-fittings and pipes that may need adjustment and re-alignment. Suitable for coarse threads due to its thick viscosity and lubricating properties, making disassembly easier. When cured, it can prevent leakage and loosening from vibration and shock, on pipes that can carry liquids or gases.

Directions For Use


1. For optimum performance surfaces should be clean and free of grease.

2. If the material is an inactive metal consider using activator.

3. Shake the product thoroughly before use. Apply several drops to parts to be locked and sealed.

4. Assemble and tighten as required.

5. To prevent the clogging of the nozzle, do not let the tip touch metal surface during application.


Fixture Time vs. Substrate


There may be a difference in fixture speed and strength based on the substrate. As opposed to passive materials such as stainless steel or zinc dichromate, anaerobic adhesives will reach full strength more rapidly with active materials such as mild steel and brass.

For more information on strength of bond and cure time, please see the Lockfast gasketing and pipe sealants technical information sheet.


Disassembly and Clean-up


Remove with standard hand tools. In circumstances where hand tools do not work, use localised heat, disassemble while hot. To remove cured product use a combination of solvent and abrasion such as a wire brush.


General Information


For information on safe handling of Lockfast P72 Pipe Sealant consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Available in 50ml and 250ml tubes – contact us for more information.

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