Bison Glass Adhesive

Product Overview

  • • Very thin-viscosity, UV curing adhesive
  • • Curing time up to 5 minutes, depending on environment
  • • Transparent and water resistant
  • • Sizes: 2ml syringe

Product Information


Fast, crystal-clear, waterproof glue designed to bond glass to itself or metal. Useful for repairing glass or crystal vases, bowls, drinking glasses, table tops etc, with invisible bond lines on cracks. Refer to the technical data sheet for further information.

How to Use

Apply glue in the absence of (bright) sunlight, thinly on one surface.

Press parts together firmly for 10-20 seconds and place in direct sunlight.

Bison Glass cures under the influence of UV rays (sunlight).

Curing occurs only in direct sunlight.

It is also possible to cure using a UV-lamp with a wavelength between 250 nm to 350 nm.