2K Expert PU

Product Overview

  • • High strength, 2 part PU adhesive.
  • • Ideal for the toughest connections.
  • • Resistant to extreme conditions. (Sea) water and weather resistant.

Product Information

Bison 2k Expert Polyurethane Adhesive Set 900g

2K Expert PU


2K Expert PU is a universal 2-component polyurethane adhesive for the most difficult joints. Super strong, gap filling, weather and (sea) water resistant. Suitable for when high requirements such as durability, strength, impact and shock resistance, temperature resistance are needed.

Ideal for caravan/boat building and repairs. Also suitable for super strong bonding of large surfaces materials such as metals, many types of wood, stone, concrete, ceramic wall and floor tiles, glass, rubber, many synthetics.  Very suitable for bonding PVC film, artificial grass or tactile tiles to concrete, mirrors, carpeting to polyester (boats), tiles to tiles and insulation material to metal.


Directions for use

Stir resin well before use. Mix resin with hardener in the weight ratio 5:1 (Resin/ Hardener). Continue stirring until the adhesive mixture reaches a homogeneous colour. Apply the adhesive mixture, which only needs to be applied on one side, to the surface or the material to be bonded with a putty knife or glue spreader. With soft materials such as rubber tactile tiles and artificial grass, and when affixing tiles, apply the adhesive mixture to the surface with a coarse toothed glue spreader (No 3). In case of rubber (floor covering), first perform an adhesive test. Construction boards can be affixed by applying spots of adhesive. Depending on the weight of the material to be bonded, intervals of 20-40 centimetres should be maintained between the spots of adhesive. Always apply an additional spot of adhesive on the corners of any construction board to be bonded. For full surface bonding to smooth surfaces, use a glue spreader no. 2. Place the material to be bonded in the correct position and firmly press into the adhesive. Preferably, clamp or support during curing. Remove outwardly pressed adhesive immediately.

Available in a 900g set. Contact us for more information or see what else is available from Bison here.