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The company is committed to protecting and promoting the health, safety and welfare for all its employees, its visitors and others who may be affected by our activities.

The company recognises the importance of the management of health, safety and welfare at work and this policy ensures we comply with its statutory obligations as stated within section 2(2) of the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 to;

  • Provide and maintain our premises in a condition that is safe, including the provision and maintenance of safe entry and exit from them,
  • Provide and maintain safe plant, safe equipment and safe systems of work for our employees,
  • Ensure all our employees are provided with suitable training, supervision, information and instruction to enable them to work safely,
  • Ensure that all tasks involving substances and articles being used, handled, stored, transported and disposed of are done safely,
  • Provide and maintain suitable working environments, facilities and welfare arrangements for employees.

All levels of management are responsible for maintaining safety standards. This will be achieved by assessing risks, removing hazards wherever possible and implementing safe systems of work.

Improvements in health and safety performance can only be achieved if there is full commitment not only from management, but from all employees to implement and monitor this policy.

Given this, every employee is required to cooperate with the company in the spirit and operation of this Policy to;

  • Work safely, following the training and instructions given,
  • Comply with  the  safe  systems  of work and procedures that implement them,
  • Report all  accidents  immediately, and assist with accident investigations,
  • Use any personal protective equipment and clothing where it is identified and required,
  • Take care of yourself and others who you come into contact with and who may be affected by your activities.



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