Lockfast D3 PVA

Product Overview

  • • Fast Setting High quality PVA
  • • Water Resistant
  • • White liquid, Dries clear
  • • High viscosity at 8000 -10000 cps
  • • Available in 250ml (bottles) - other sizes available, please enquire

Product Information

Lockfast D3 PVA


Lockfast D3 PVA is a white, clear curing, water resistant and fast setting polyvinyl acetate for general wood working assembly applications. Suitable for hot and cold pressing of high-pressure laminates to timber, chipboard, veneering operations in the furniture and panel assembly industries, OSB and MFD. Also suitable for RF curing.

How to Use


All substrates should be conditioned to room temperature before bonding.

Product can be applied by brush, spreader or roller to an average coverage of 100-120 g/m².

Excess PVA is easily removed (when wet) using warm water.