Rubber Seal Coating

Product Overview

  • • 100% waterproof.
  • • Permanently elastic 750%.
  • • Bonds to almost all materials.
  • • Durability of minimum 20 years (EN 1297).

Product Information

Rubber Seal Coating from Bison.


Rubber Seal Coating

Rubber Seal Coating from Bison is a rubber-based liquid coating for watertight sealing, protecting and repairing. Superior universal quality, suitable for virtually all surfaces. Suitable internally and externally; from waterproofing bathrooms to gutter repair, from protecting garden wood to waterproofing connections. Use Rubber Seal Textile Tape in combination with Rubber Seal to bridge tears, cracks and seams, and to facilitate layer thickness build-up.

Suitable for sealing, protecting and repairing virtually all materials, such as wood, concrete, stone, metal, zinc, bitumen, EPDM (test first), PVC, etc. Even good adhesion to PP/PE. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, such as bathrooms, roofs, cellars, walls and gardens. For waterproofing shower basins, floor seams, gutters, pipe conduits, window frame and skylight joints, ground level items, etc. Also suitable as anti-slip underlayer, metal and wood protection (for example, garden poles) and coating.


Directions for use


Step 1 Bison STEP 1


First ensure that the surfaces are dry, clean and free of dust and grease. Sand them if necessary.



Step 2 BisonSTEP 2


Manually stir Bison Rubber Seal with a stirring stick until you have a uniform colour.



Step 3 BisonSTEP 3


Use a brush to apply (at least two layers), waiting approximately 10 minutes between layers.



Rubber Seal Coating Step 4 BisonSTEP 4


Use Bison Rubber Seal Textile Tape in combination with Bison Rubber Seal to bridge tears, cracks and seams, and to facilitate layer thickness build-up. Apply Bison Rubber Seal Textile Tape immediately after applying the first layer, press well and immediately cover with the second layer.

Available in a 750ml pot and a 5L bucket. Contact us for more information or see what else is available from Bison here.