Procure UV 94027 Medical

Product Overview

  • • UV structural adhesive for industrial, medical and general-purpose applications
  • • Cure times approx <5 to 16 seconds, depending on UV light intensity and materials
  • • High viscosity at 1200 cPs
  • • Available in 30ml (syringe), 50ml (bottle)

Product Information


Procure UV 94027 Medical is a high viscosity, fast curing UV adhesive when cured forms an impact and weather resistant flexible bond, with built-in fluorescence that provides a method of in-line quality control.

PC711200M can bond a wide variety of surfaces for industrial, medical and general-purpose applications. Capable of bonding most disposable medical devices, decorative parts, clamshells and a wide variety of plastic assembly and rubber applications. These include PVC, PC, PET, ABS, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Polysulfone, PETG, Polystyrene, PEEK, Polyimide, PV Alloys, Composites, Nylon and FRP.

How to Use

This adhesive is UV sensitive. Exposure to daylight, UV light and artificial lighting should be kept to a minimum during storage and handling.

For best performance, bond surfaces should be clean and free from grease.

At least one substrate you are bonding, should be transparent for UV light to pass and cure adhesive.

Apply adhesive and expose to UV light of required density/intensity until cured.