Lockfast RTV Silicone Clear

Product Overview

  • • A Clear, Waterproof and Weather Resistant Silicone
  • • Suitable for diverse filling, sealing and bonding applications
  • • Tack-free time between 18-30 minutes
  • • Available in 310ml cartridge

Product Information

Lockfast RTV Silicone Clear


Lockfast RTV Silicone Clear is a one-component adhesive/sealant that cures to a tough, flexible silicone elastomer, resulting in waterproof, mildew and weather resistant seal. Exhibits good adhesion to glass while also resistant to ozone, ultraviolet (UV) radiation and temperature extremes (-40 to 150°C).

This industrial sealing and bonding silicone can be applied to waterproofing rimless sinks, sealing around shower-tub enclosures, sinks, urinals and whirlpools, general sealing and caulking applications.

How to Use


Cut off the end of the cartridge nozzle, place the cartridge in a compatible dispensing gun and apply a bead onto one of the surfaces to be bonded.

Mount the mating surfaces together. If you are using the RTV sealant to seal a crack, smooth the bead of sealant with your finger, allow to cure.