Lockfast RTV Silicone Black

Product Overview

  • • A Black, Waterproof And Weather Resistance Silicone
  • • Suitable for diverse filling, sealing and bonding applications
  • • 18-30 minutes tack-free time
  • • Available in 310ml cartridge

Product Information

Lockfast RTV Silicone Black


Lockfast black RTV silicone is suitable for sealing, filling and adhesive applications such as glass, cures to a tough, flexible silicone elastomer, that is waterproof and weather resistant . Resistant to ozone, ultraviolet (UV) radiation and temperature extremes (-40 to 150°C)

This industrial sealing and bonding silicone can be applied to waterproofing rimless sinks, sealing around shower-tub enclosures, sinks, urinals and whirlpools, general sealing and caulking applications. In addition they are suitable for sanitary or other sealing applications where mildew resistance of the cured sealant is required.

How to Use


Cut off the end of the cartridge nozzle, place the cartridge in a compatible dispensing gun and apply a bead onto one of the surfaces to be bonded.

Mount the mating surfaces together. If you are using the RTV sealant to seal a crack, smooth the bead of sealant with your finger, allow to cure.