High Temperature Silicone

Product Overview

  • • Thick-viscosity silicone paste
  • • Cure time is about 10 minutes but may vary depending on environment
  • • Water, chemical and UV resistant
  • • Operating temperature range (°C) -60 to +260°C (up to 300°C for up to 1 hr)
  • • Sizes: 60ml Tube

Product Information


Red, high-temperature, chemical-resistant silicone sealant.  Adheres well to glass, enamel, ceramics, metals, glazed tiles and many more materials.  Suitable for bonding/sealing joints, seams and cracks where high heat resistance is required; such as fixing oven and microwave windows, edges around (ceramic) hot plates, heating ducts, flues and heat screens. Please refer to technical data sheet for further information and applications.

How to Use

Screw the cap from the tube and pierce the tube membrane with the point at the top of the cap.

Screw synthetic nozzle onto the tube and then cut diagonally.

Inject sealant evenly and slowly into the joint.

Immediately smooth with a finger wetted with soapy water.

For bonding, join the parts within 5 minutes. Curing can be accelerated by heating the sealant to a maximum of 150°C