Bison Enamel Fix

Product Overview

  • • Enamel repair liquid
  • • Water, chemical and temperature (+90ºC) resistant
  • • Resistant to discolouring
  • • Sizes: 20ml Bottle

Product Information

Bison Enamel Fix

Bison Enamel Fix


Bison Enamel Fix a white liquid for repairing scratches, splintering or all kind of damages on white enamel and lacquered surfaces like bathtubs and sinks.


Working Conditions and Preparation

Do not use at temperatures below +10 °C. Surfaces which are to be touched up must be clean, dry, and free of oil, grease and dust. Brush included in bottle cap.


Directions For Use

Shake bottle before use. Use brush in bottle cap to apply a thin coat of the repair assistant. Let dry, and if necessary, apply a second coat after approx. 10 minutes. If necessary, the enamel repair assistant may be diluted with acetone; a colour paste can be used to dye the repair adhesive.


Points of attention

Enamel Fix Contains volatile, highly flammable liquid solvents; appropriate precautions should therefore be taken during storage or during usage. Ensure proper ventilation when used on large areas.



Remove stains immediately with acetone.


Storage conditions

Store in a dry, cool, and frost-free place.


Additional Information

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Quality and Innovation

Bison means quality and innovation. Bison works with a quality assurance system in order to guarantee constant quality. This involves the entire process, from incoming raw materials and production, right through to the product and delivery, and all carried out according to the given procedures. The system is ISO 9001 certified. This means that users can be always sure of guaranteed quality.


For Bison, sustainability means working with the environment, people, and society in a responsible way. Learn more about the Bolton Group’s “We Care” sustainability program here.