Bison Double Fix Tape

Product Overview

  • • White double-sided fixing foam tape for indoor use.
  • • Holds up to 75KG per roll.
  • • Moisture-resistant.
  • • Fully load bearing after only 60 minutes.
  • • Sizes: 1.5m x 19mm Roll. Carded.

Product Information


Bison Double Fix Tape is an extra-strong, double-sided tape for permanently mounting and affixing objects in indoor areas. The simple alternative to screws and nails. Provides a permanent and secure hold on almost all smooth surfaces such as metal, tiles, plastic, glass and painted wood. Ideal for mounting mirrors, holders, signs, hooks, shelving elements, cable channels, decorative objects and much more. Fully load-bearing after 60 minutes. For outdoor applications use Car Tape.

How to Use

Apply sufficient product (2cm/350g) onto the object to be mounted without creating air pockets.

Remove the protective film. Affix the object to the desired spot and press hard. The object is fully load bearing after only 60 minutes.