Mitrelock Need an Adhesive that Bonds Wood Fast?


Need an adhesive that bonds wood fast?

Mitrelock Wood Mitre Adhesive, it dramatically reduces assembly time on natural materials such as MDF, hard and soft wood, paper, cardboard, and leather. The combination of Mitrelocks Adhesive and Activator gives the user a reliable command cure. Mitrelock locks in seconds using three simple steps.



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The Mitrelock wood mitre adhesive kit has a fast fixture speed and creates a strong lasting bond.

What is Mitrelock?

Mitrelock is a two-part, instant bond, wood mitre adhesive kit. The kit contains a 50g adhesive and a 200ml aerosol activator.

Mitrelock Adhesive

The adhesive is a medium to high viscosity ethyl cyanoacrylate, which is designed specifically for use on close fitting mitre joints. In contrast to other cyanoacrylate adhesives, this adhesive works well on MDF, softwoods, hardwoods, paper, cardboard, and leather. Due to its high viscosity, the adhesive also has excellent gap filling properties on vertical, rough, and irregular surfaces.

Mitrelock Activator

The activator is used to dramatically reduce assembly time on natural materials by not only accelerating the typical fixture time of the adhesive, but also giving the user a reliable command cure.


Mitrelock Wood Mitre Adhesive

(The free pencil is a limited introductory offer whilst stock lasts.)

Why Mitrelock?

By replacing traditional fittings such as screws and nails, Mitrelock offers a more efficient and reliable bonding solution than alternatives such as PVA or hot-melt adhesives.

In addition to being quick and clean to use, Mitrelock works with a wide variety of substrates to lock close fitting mitre joints.

An essential toolbox accessory, the Mitrelock wood mitre adhesive kit locks in seconds!


Locks in Seconds


When is Mitrelock typically used?

Mitrelock can be used for many applications, including:


• Kitchen and bedroom fitting.
• Construction and joinery, especially cornice and mitre joints.
• MDF trim manufacture.
• Laminate floor beading.
• General woodworking applications.
• Picture framing.


Mitrelock Kit, in kitchen

Mitrelock is an essential item for any toolbox.

How does it work?

Step 1.

Apply Mitrelock Activator

Spray activator on to one surface and allow to dry. (The activator can be applied to one surface in advance if required. Please speak to a member of our team for more information.)

Step 1. Spray Activator on to one surface and allow to dry.

Step 2.

Apply Mitrelock Adhesive

Apply adhesive to the other surface. (Less is more, Mitrelock adhesive should be applied sparingly as over application may result in slower fixture speeds, and it may lower the overall bond strength.)

Step 2. Apply Adhesive to the other surface.

Step 3.


Assemble parts. Locks in seconds.

Step 3. Assemble parts.


Mitrelock wood adhesive kit

Mitrelock Kit

For further technical information or if you have a different question please contact us.

Published by Matthew Cox – 16/06/2022

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