Crestabond structural adhesive

What is Crestabond?

Crestabond, designed for structural applications that demand high strength. Scott Bader's line of structural adhesives, Crestabond, are Methacrylate adhesives. 2-part MMA adhesives, have exceptional strength.

Scott Bader’s Crestabond range for bonding metals, composites, plastics, and even difficult-to-bond materials. Including low surface energy polyolefins like polyethylene and polypropylene. It also has the flexibility to bond dissimilar materials.

Structural adhesives eliminate the necessity of utilizing mechanical fasteners such as screws and bolts. These joining techniques frequently involve an extra production process (drilling a hole), and that aperture may create a vulnerability in the material or an opportunity for moisture penetration. Utilizing a structural adhesive can also streamline the process by bypassing this additional step.

Key Benefits of Crestabond

One of the key advantages of Crestabond structural adhesives is that they do not require a primer, which significantly reduces production time, improves efficiency, and helps in cost reduction and waste minimization.

Additionally, minimal surface preparation is needed when using Crestabond structural adhesives, further saving time and resources.

The longevity of the bonded product is ensured by the excellent fatigue and impact resistance of structural adhesives, making them not only strong but also durable.

For vertical bonding surfaces, Crestabond is a non-sagging option. A sandable structural adhesive is available to remove any excess adhesive. Enhancing the appearance of the finished product for customers.

Applications of Crestabond® 

The Marine Industry

From kayaks to super yachts, Scott Bader a renowned leader in marine adhesive technology globally. The Crestabond product range have received approvals from prominent marine organizations such as Lloyds, RINA, and DNV. They are commonly utilized in various applications.

Hull, flybridge, manufacture, Deck to hull bonding, Core bonding, Stringer bonding, General fixings and Most non-structural bonding applications.

Renewable Energy Industry

Crestabond structural adhesives are supplied to market leading wind turbine companies and independent blade builders. Their comprehensive range of products include materials for: nacelles, spinners, composite tooling, wind blade manufacture and repair.

The Transport Industry

Crestabond adhesives are commonly used in various transportation vehicles globally, including buses, trucks, vans, trains, recreational vehicles, ambulances, and cars.

Crestabond adhesives, well-suited for the needs of the transportation sector, they can bond different metals and plastics with varying working times to accommodate different production processes. Scott Bader's patented structural adhesives necessitate minimal surface preparation and cure rapidly, enabling efficient production turnaround when necessary.

Automotive Manufacturing

The Crestabond range of adhesives is well-suited for various types of specialized vehicle bodywork construction.

Capable of bonding a diverse range of dissimilar metals and plastics. Offers a variety of working times to accommodate different production schedules. Requires minimal surface preparation. Cures quickly, reducing processing times. Creates lightweight yet durable composite parts. Provides insulation and fire-resistant properties. Demonstrates excellent strength to weight ratios.

Building and Construction Industry

This range of Structural adhesives have been a staple in the global construction industry for more than five decades, being utilized for:

Exterior and interior cladding, bathrooms, sinks, and shower installations. door installations, decorative mouldings and modular construction projects.

Why Choose Crestabond® for Bonding?

Crestabond, Scott Bader's leading range of primerless MMA structural adhesives benefit from a range of working times to suit different applications, such as the ones listed below.

Scott Bader Crestabond Market Applications

Within the range there is an adhesive solution for multiple substrates such as GRP composites, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Powder Coated Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, Galvanised metals, ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC, PP ,PE and TPO plastics.

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